Top 100 Photographers

One of the things I love about photography is that there is always something new to learn.  And the best way to learn is from the best photographers and teachers in the world. 

Here is just the top 100, in no particular order, of the people who have helped me, taught me, and inspired me, whether it’s Photography, Photoshop or Lightroom, these are the best in their field, and they all have hours and hours of free tutorials, tips, and techniques to help you and inspire you.

Click on any that you haven’t heard of to take a look at their website.  Then add a comment to tell me who you discovered and liked, or who is missing from this list.

Catherine Hall Chase Jarvis Corey Barker Dan Morris Dave Cross David Hobby Declan Mc Glone Gavin Hoey Guy Yang James Brandon Jared Platt Joe McNally Julieanne Kost Karl Taylor Kenny Kim Kent Weakley Kevin Kubota Kevin Meredith Kristen Lenox Will O’Reilly Larry Becker Laura Gordon Lauren Lim Lesa Snider Lisa Bettany Lisa O'Dwyer Mark Stagi Mark Wallace Matt Kloskowski Michael Shilling Mike Kennamer Milton Gan Nancy Ray Nicole S. Young Pete Souza Peter Hurley RC Concepcion Richard Davis Richard Harrington Rick Sammon Rob Sylvan Sam Antonio Scott Bourne Scott Kelby Sean McCormack Stacy Pearsall Stacy Reeves Tamara Lackey Thomas Hawk Trevor Current Trey Ratcliffe Victoria Bampton Libby O'Reilly Zach Arias Lindsay Adler Jerry Ghionis Jessica Claire Jim Harmer Syl Arena Joe Farace Terry White Jasmine Star Pete Collins Jay Maisel Brad Moore Jared Polin Moose Peterson Sue Bryce Vincent Laforet Jeremy Cowart Sal Cincotta Aaron Nace Glyn Dewis Serge Ramelli Colby Brown A.J. Wood Cliff Mautner David Ziser Howard Pinsky Frank Doorhof Sergey Sus Brian Matiash Ryan Brenizer Tim Grey Dave Clayton Matt Granger Dom Bower Peter Cox Michael Zelbel Gordon Laing


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