Ireland gets the Scott Kelby treatment

I know I live in a beautiful country, but sometimes Ireland’s weather and current economic climate can make you jaded to it’s beauty.

So when I heard that Scott & Kalebra Kelby & family were coming here to visit, I was excited to see Ireland through their eyes.

Scott is a great photographer and photography teacher. Check out Kelby TV and Kelby Training.

Kalebra is a pilot by trade, who is very active in social media, is a keen iPhoneographer, and has a great eye for beautiful things – don’t believe me, check out her Pinterest page.

Have a look at the great photos and comments in Scott’s Ireland photobook, and Kalebra’s G+ posts here and here.  It looks like Ireland lived up to it’s reputation of being a beautiful and welcoming country that has it’s share of rain.

If you are planning a trip to Ireland, then check out the Discover Ireland Website.

Scott’s photobook of his Irish visit has motivated me to get my camera out more often, not use the weather as an excuse for not shooting, and to print more of the photos that I take.

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