The lightning fast way of getting your photos from Lightroom to WordPress

Transfer Images From Lightroom to WordPressIf you have a WordPress Blog, and have ever tried using their method of uploading multiple photos, you will know what a horribly slow and painstaking process this is.  I count a minimum of six mouse clicks for every photo that you want to upload, and that’s assuming you have already spent the time to export the photos as JPEGs from Lightroom to a folder.  Wordpress Photo Upload Process
So I was delighted when I worked out a much much quicker way to do this, which allows you to email directly from Lightroom to your blog…

Step One:  Create an email address which allows you to email blog posts or photos directly to your blog:  In the Dashboard area of your blog, in the top left hand corner, click on My Blogs.  On the next screen, under Post By Email, click the Enable button, then copy the address given.

Step Two: Switch to Lightroom Library module, and select one or many photos.  Then click File – Email Photos.  Under the From dropdown menu select the Lightroom Email Account Manager, and set up your GMail, Yahoo, AOL or other email address.  Now click on the Address button in the Lightroom Email Account Manager, and paste the email address from step one, and give it the name of the blog that it is connected to.

Step Three: Now anytime you want to email photos from Lightroom to your blog, you can simply select them in Lightroom Library module,  Click File – Email Photos, select the blog name from the address book, and hit send.

It couldn’t be simpler    ;o)   The photos appear on your blog as a  Gallery, and you can apply all the normal settings that you normally have with galleries.

When sending the email you can decide to post immediately, later or leave as private until you decide to post it, and you can also do things like adding categories and tags as you email.  To find out how to do this, check out my other post here.

I hope you found this useful.

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