But what if I don’t have an expensive camera…?

Photography can be an expensive hobby, if you let it. And it is easy to believe that you need a new camera, lens, gadget, or some new equipment to improve your photography. However the best way of improving your photography islearning the camera that you have, inside and out. Do you really know what all the options and dials, and menus do? Do you know how to adjust the amount of light or depth of field for a given scene. Dig out your manual and start reading it.

Then start using all the amazing free teaching resources that are available. Blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. There is no end to the great photographers out there who are willing to share what they have learned to help upcoming photographers. And when you find a good one, remember to share it in the comments below.

Here’s one to start you off.  Gavin Hoey is a great photography teacher, and he has dozens and dozens of free, quick and simple, video tutorials over on his site – check him out.

And if you still believe that you need expensive cameras to take great photos, check out photo sharing sites like 500px.com where you will see beautiful photos like the ones below.  These were all taken with an iPhone.

Lost in time by Pierluigi Orler (PierluigiOrler)) on 500px.com
Lost in time by Pierluigi Orler
Golden Canal by Caspar ter Horst (casparterhorst)) on 500px.com
Golden Canal by Caspar ter Horst
Giraffe by Perri Kardashian (perri)) on 500px.com
Giraffe by Perri Kardashian
Walking on the water by VuThéara Kham (vutheara)) on 500px.com
Walking on the water by VuThéara Kham
Through the looking-glass by Joanna Lemanska (MissCoolpics)) on 500px.com
Through the looking-glass by Joanna Lemanska

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